Everyday I stroll down Instagram admiring the beautiful and create pictures posted by other people. I have never really got Instagram myself, I post the occasional picture as you can see below, but nothing terribly interesting or exciting. 

I must admit that taking pictures on my iPhone feels strange and unexciting, and while I know many bloggers will use their DSLR's  and send the pictures to their phone to upload later, I simply don't have the time. I would love to join in the Instagram fun as it is a great blogging platform! 

My plan is #TodaysLove. I'm going to be looking for something I love each day and find a quick but creative way to post it on Instagram. Now I say daily but don't hold me to....I'm hoping this will not only give my Instagram a bit more pride, but make me think and admire the little things I admire everyday. I would love to share snippets of my life that make me happy in the moment, no time spent buying, accessorising and editing pictures, just simple and pure life as it comes!

It would be great to see more people join in, Instagram experts and phobics alike sharing the daily (or not) things that make us all smile. All things are a go, beauty, travel, people, food....anything that you have enjoyed and want to share!

How do you feel about Instagram?


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