Ciaté Kiss Chase and Raspberry Collins and the Colour of Valentines

What colour will you be wearing on Valentines?
Ciaté was a brand I instantly fell for. Nobody can deny the bottles are extremely cute yet elegant, and the formulas are fantastic. They have an amazing range of colours and finishes, if your into nail art it's a must brand to try.

In the bottles the shades look very similar!

I have two lovely pink shades that would be perfect for this valentines, and it got me thinking about how personal colour is. Kisschase and Raspberry Collins are both gorgeous colours and not even that different, yet at the same time they are completely different. 

Ciate Kisschase

You can see the orange in Kisschase.

Kisschase is a very fun and vibrant orange based pink, the kind of colour barbie would wear, it reminds me of summers with tropical sunsets and bubblegum. It's almost opaque after 2 coats and has a glossy non streaky finish.

Ciate Raspberry Collins

I think Raspberry Collins is a more sophisticated colour

Raspberry Collins is much more sophisticated and juicy. It is a mid-pink with a blue undertone thats perfect all year round, the colour reminds me of delicious berries that leaves you wanting to nibble your nails. This polish is more opaque (it is darker in colour), and I feel the finish looks more glossy and glamourous. Can you tell this is my preferred colour?

So which colour is more you....Raspberry Collins or Kisschase? Both polishes are excellent in quality and finish, I really need to talk more about that! At £9 they could not be considered a budget product, but I think they are worth the splurge!


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