Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Cream and the Luxury of Eye Hydration

Have you tried any of the Dior Hydra Life Range?

I try not to skimp when it comes to skincare, I am quite happy to spend more if it means getting a better result, and while i'm starting to realise price is not always a reflection of quality, Dior drew me in a good few months ago when I was looking for an eye cream.

As you can imagine the product is luxurious in every way, a long fancy title, gorgeous packaging, silky formula and exotic ingredients. It sounds fantastic right? But this is a good lesson to buy for your needs, not for good reviews and luxury brands.

Would you expect anything other than luxury from Dior?

So starting with the packaging, it's super fancy. The jar is quality light blue glass, it's simple but effective and definitely belongs on the dressing table. The lid is about half the size of the jar, and the whole thing is quite weighty. As much as I love the luxury feel of the packaging, it's very heavy for an eye cream and not so great for travel, I can also see it adding considerably to the price. It's also quite deceptive of the amount of product, this jar only contains 15ml. On the plus size, Dior have included a spatula and an inner lid with the product that I feel is far more hygienic.

I love how much though they have put into keeping the jar hygienic!

As the name suggests this is a sorbet, in between a cream and a gel. It has a fantastic feel to it, creamy and hydrating yet cooling and easily absorbed. It also contains SPF 15 which is great as who remembers to protect their eyes, I certainly don't! You really don't need a lot, just the tip of the spatula for each eye, it has lasted me a good few month (3-4) and may even last one more. Now I really can not resist a product with magical ingredients, the eye sorbet contains Jisten, Centella and Black Rose all grown in the elusive Dior gardens (how I would love to visit them)!

Lets talk science....

The ingredients are so exotic and unusual its quite hard to find much out about them. Jisten wildflower is grown in Uzbekistan and favoured by locals who live in harsh climates, as it intensifies water circulation at cellular level by stimulating aquaporins (essential hydrating channels). Centella is often referred to as the 'fountain of youth' due to it's amazing healing properties. It is able to stimulate collagen production and blood flow, providing more antioxidants and reducing fine lines. Finally Black Rose, an ingredient made famous by Sisily, provides a beautiful softness and has soothing properties. Keep an eye on the website if your interested in the ingredients as Dior are updating their website to include more information on their gardens and ingredients.

Do you prefer cream, gel or sorbet?

Despite the romantic combination of ingredients I have been left disappointed by Dior. The  product promises hydration which it certainly does. My under eyes have never felt so oft or hydrated, but unfortunately the fun stops there. I haven't noticed any difference in my fine lines, dark circles or firmness, and while the hydration is great, my eyes weren't that dry to begin with. Next time I will be looking for something more effective. Something that focus less on the packaging and more on the product (although nice packaging is a plus!)

So the eye sorbet costs £42.50/15ml (eeek!!!) I'm wondering what convinced me to purchase at the time for this price???? I'm sure anybody who is mainly concerned about hydration would love this product and may even be able to justify the price, but I certainly can't! I't would stop me buying more from Dior or the Hydra Life range, I love exploring their amazing website.


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