Coconut Oil - A Trend You will Actually Want to Follow

The Beauty Star of 2014!!!!
I can't believe I have been living so long without coconut oil!!!! This stuff is a magic elixir grown in a fruity nut!!!!

After reading so much in the press I decided to follow yet another natural beauty trend, and the big jar of pearly white goo sitting on my shelf is effective, multifunctional and budget friendly. I've been using it for months now and it became my star buy of 2014.

WARNING: Avoid the following section if you do not like science!

Coconut oil is incredibly high in saturated fatty acids compared to other vegetable oils, in fact it has 6x the amount of olive oil!!!! Fatty acids allow the skin to retain moisture and prevent moisture loss, and they also help boost your cells metabolism giving the oil natural anti-ageing properties. The presence of Capric, Caprylic and Lauric acids also provides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it a fantastic cleanser and great for those suffering from acne.

Even better, Coconut oil also contains a lot of vitamin E which is incredibly nourishing, and also possess proteins which ensures healthy skin growth and tissue repair, that can help to reduce and fade scaring. Vitamin E is full of antioxidants which neutralise free radicals that can damage collagen and dry the cells when unstable.

Although solid in the jar, when warmed between the fingers it turns into a luxurious liquid that easily massages into the skin

It can be used for so many different things, let me tell you my favourite uses.

1. An Oil Based Makeup Remover.

I have started double cleansing lately, and rather than buy an oil based cleanser I thought I would try coconut oil first and, I have not been disappointed. This removes every inch of makeup, even waterproof mascara, it's so easy to massage into to the skin and feels really comfortable. The only thing is it won't wash off with water, you will need a milk or foam cleanser to remove the oil (which is kind of the point of double cleansing), but the results are fabulously clean makeup free skin.

2. Hair serum

Smoothing a very small amount into the hair gives and natural shine and helps to eliminate frizz without weighing down or making it greasy. I sometimes also rub a large amount into my scalp and over my locks and follow it with Argan oil for a super healthy hydrating mask. Just make sure you rub in a good cleansing shampoo before you wet you hair or you locks will be greasy and limp.

3. Body Oil

Thanks to all it's nourishing properties it's great to use on the body, it can even help improve stretch marks. You can pick it up for 453g  for £15.49 at Holland and Barrett, a little goes a long way so it's very affordable and being scentless, it's great to use before applying perfume. 

4. Massage Oil

Whether your looking to massage yourself or your partner coconut oil is a fantastic choice. It glides smoothly over the body, absorbs really well and can pretty much be applied everywhere including the face and scalp, if your looking to unwind and give your mind and muscles a bit of TLC, coconut oil is a nice simple and of course, cheap choice. You can also completely personalise it for your needs with essential oils, which is a great bonus.

There are also plenty more uses for coconut oil. I have heard it makes a healthy cooking oil and that eating a spoonful can help suppress your appetite, I found the taste to odd to eat it straight out the jar but I tempted to use it as a cooking oil. Being anti-bacterial it can also be used under the arms and on the feet to eliminate nasty smells, or alternatively mixing it with other ingredients can make fantastic scrubs, masks and other treatments. Apprently it also make a great whitening treatment for teeth and nails!!!!

I bought this huge jar from Holland and Barrett. If you think coconut oil is just another trend, jump on board because a it's super cheap and the results are spectacular!!!!


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