SOIGNÉ NAIL LACQUER (Cerise) - The Most Luxurious Natural Nailpolish

Soigné Cerise

Did you get one of these in a Birch Box? Soigné nail lacquer instantly became my favourite before I even tried it! Arriving in a chic black and white box boasting natural nail friendly ingredients, it was like christmas sliding out the black foam!!!!
Whilst it looks red in the photo, the actual colour is a gorgeous hot cherry pink

I got the very juicy Cerise, a delicious hot glossy cherry colour thats not quite pink or red but a perfect balance of both. I love that it's bright enough for summer but sexy enough for winter berry nails. It's amazingly glossy and l have received so many compliments wearing it. My only problem is that as you can see from the pictures it's hard to photograph and get it's true colour, even in good lighting it comes across more of a red, rather than the gorgeous cherry pink it is.

Lovely Elegant Bottle
I love the Soigné bottles, they look really expensive but understated, a long, thick, glossy black handle that is very easy hold while you painting away. A classy glass bottle that proudly showcases it's gorgeous colours with the Soigné  label on a creamy background, bordered by an luxurious black and gold border. I think is perfectly classy and would make a perfect gift for anyone

Soigné claims 85% of plant-sourced, natural ingredients including wood pulp, cotton, potato, corn, wheat and manioc; and and uses no harmful carcinogens. which sounds very healthy for the nails, but does it effect the formula? 

Please excuse the messy application

I find the polish applies like a dream! It glides on glossy and thick but easy to control, the formula drys fairly quickly, but gives enough time to do a smooth application. As usual too coats gives a better finish but you could certainly get away with one if you don't have a lot of time (or like me are rather lazy when it comes to nails). I would certainly advise wearing a top coat though as I find the products chips very easily without one, which I think could be a sacrifice from being so natural.

At a £11 price tag it's not the most expensive polish in the world but as someone who is slowing making there way in to the world of nails, It would be a 'spoil yourself product'. Overall Birch Box and Hapers Bazar certainly got it right with this one! I'm so tempted to buy the other colours, especially Vodka Bleu, it's just screaming summer ocean at me!

Soigné nail polish can only be purchased at the birchbox store the Soigné website where they have a much larger selection and some fantastic offers, the collection boxes would make great gifts and from what I've seen they do good sales to!!!!


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