Chapter 1 - An Introduction

The First Chapter of Kat's Beauty Tales

Happy New Year!!!! So I have two things to celebrate today, the start of a new year (my first year of freedom from education) and the start of my brand new beauty blog Kat's Beauty Tales!!!!

Now let me introduce myself. My name is Kat, i'm 21 and I have become captivated by the world of beauty. I am constantly reading books, blogs and watching videos and thought having a blog would be a great way to document my thoughts and share with others. I have product reviews lined up, tutorial ideas, looks and tips all waiting to be shared.

As a young girl, makeup was a must at my high school and this is where my adventure began. Upon leaving high school I realised I didn't need to be coating my face in foundation so I started to lay off and focus on skin care. Since my obsession has just grew and grew, I love experimenting with new looks and products and have built up quite a collection of products and knowledge.

A few fun facts about me are;

1. I love fairytales, hence the name of the blog (get it?)

2. I'm a keen photographer and am always looking out for products that photograph well.

3. I am a science geek so expect some lectures in ingredients!

4. I'm a huge believer in constructive criticism so all comments are welcome, but just criticism will be ignored (you have been warned).

5. I always try (and fail) to be healthy and I'll always share health and lifestyle tips.

On that note i'm looking forward to sharing more about myself and learning about everyone who decides to read my blog. If you want to share with me please comment and use my social media links at the top of the page, I can't wait to talk beauty.

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