Lalique L'Amour (S)

Does Lalique L'Amour Eae De Parfum offer an olfactory declaration of love?

My next lucky dip is a 2ml of Lalique L'Amour Eae De Parfum described as a luxury floral musk fragrance.

The first smell is very fresh and you can really smell the Neroli and Bergamot which in my opinion overpowers the Rose. I quite like it, it's very fresh and makes a nice change from my love of citrus and it's a classic floral scent that's no too dated to be worn by younger people. The middle notes are all white floral, Jasmine, Tuberose and Gardenia, for some reason they come across almost fruity. It could possible be because of the musk and woody notes of Sandal Wood and Cedar that are stopping the white florals from being over powering and make the fragrance more wearable. The scent lasted about 5 hours, it was very faint towards the end, I had to press my nose against my wrist to smell it, which I guess doesn't really count. Not good if your planning to wear this to work as you would have to carry the bottle round with you!

For me this is a lovely perfume for day time in spring or for tea party's in the summer. If your looking for a classic scent with a modern twist, this may be one you want to consider. On the Lalique website it's €116,00 which is about £91 which I think is quite overpriced. Luckily you can find it on Amazon and discount sites for about £30 which I think is very reasonable, only problem is I have yet to find it in a store where you can smell it, so without a sample, you may be buying blind which is never good.

Please refer to this post for more information on my sample reviews.


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