Once upon a time

Once upon a time in the North of England there was a girl called Kat who loved to take photographs of everything and anything. She also was very passionate about makeup and loved using her face as a canvas for creativity. Along the way Kat found bad skin was ruining the magic she was trying to create, and so skincare became her new best friend. Over the years Kat practiced and researched the art of beauty, finding the products and tools that where right for her. 

Hi and welcome to Kat's Beauty Tales. My name is Katrina and incase you haven't i'm obsessed with beauty and fairytales. 

About this blog....

When debating over whether to buy a product one day Kat realised something. She loved beauty blogs. Why? She appreciated the honest and detailed reviews of products and the inspiration from the looks and rituals they shared. Sometimes Kat just could not find a review on a product and thought the more beauty blogs the better, and so Kat's Beauty Tales was founded. A beauty blog full of reviews, looks, and advice. 

If you have ever considered making a beauty blog I would strongly encourage you to. Beauty products can be really expensive even when your not on a budget so getting something right the first time round is important to everyone. Your honest reviews and suggestions could help someone discover the perfect products for them. You can also make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun in the process. What have you got to loose.


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