April Summary

Can you believe it is May already! In June I will have been blogging for 6 months and it's also half way to Christmas! Where has the time gone? You may have noticed I have seriously been lacking in the blogging department recently, not that I'm planning to quit anytime soon but life has been so busy that blogging has made it's way down my list of priorities. I know I say this every month, but May will be different. Mainly because I have now passed my driving test which A. ticks of my biggest priority, and B. gives me far more time and freedom!

So talking beauty...there has been some amazing collections I have my eye on with such beautiful packaging! I have also splurged quite a bit this month on some exciting products I can not wait to review! For me, this month has been all about the body products, I agreed to do a 5K run for charity with my boyfriend and having some luxury products to massage over my muscles when I get back from training. I have been using a few couch to 5K apps, but my favourite by far is Zombie Run 5K. Imagine if The Walking Dead and Maze Runner joined together and made an app...need I say more? More experienced runners might enjoy the original Zombie Run which not only makes your run more fun, but tracks your maps, speed etc.

Moving onto May I have no idea whats happening, but I'm hoping it will bring a new job and better blogging. I will also be dedicating more time to fitness and will hopefully be able to share some beginner tips, I'm also looking to explore more with my camera now I have the freedom to go where I want when I want. Who knows where I can go now?

How was your April and what are your plans for March?


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