Nails Inc Porchester Square and the Perfect Interview Colour

Whats your favourite shade for an interview?

Nails Inc may not be the cheapest polish in the world, but if you are looking for a staple polish you will use over and over it's defiantly worth the spend! Porchester Square has become my go to shade for interviews, meeting, and times when I want to look smart and professional.

I first came across this shade when I worked at LK Bennett (the Christmas of 2013), as I was expected to look 'perfect' at all times, my nails had to be perfectly groomed 5 days a week, with no chips or imperfections. This is quite a task when you have to ensure hangers are evenly spaced on a rack at all times of the day. To stop me from doing my nails daily I decided to invest in a quality polish and ended up at the Nails Inc counter. Since I had to ensure that my polish matched my work dress (a deep plum), Porchester Square was recommended to me, and it did not disappoint!

Although in the bottle it looks pink/brown, on the nail its more of a purple grey

Although it looks like Nails Inc are changing their bottles into to something more square and modern, I love the classic look and feel of the round glass pot with the silver lid. It's nothing too fancy but it's defiantly effective, with the chunky lid fitting nicely into the hand, it gives good control and the brush picks up the right amount of product and provides a streak free finish.

The colour is described as a chic muted mushroom (what is it with me and shrooms lately?). Personally I would describe it on the nail as a muted lilac mixed with a mid grey, it's really unique and goes with well with most colours. I have gotten so many compliments on it too, it's classy and understated which is why I find it perfect for an interview. It's not your girly nude pink or your bold burgundy colour but something entirely different.

Would you wear Porchester Square?

As you would expect from a luxury polish, the formula is excellent, thick enough to be opaque in one coat, but thin enough to dry fairly quickly and have an even finish. I like to apply 2 coats as I find it's more chip resistant, on my nails it lasts about 3-4 days before it starts looking a bit worn. At LK Bennett I only had to apply twice a week, which made quite the improvement on every other day.

This is defiantly a polish worth investing in, not only is it quality but it's so wearable. The polish is usually about £11, or in the newer square bottle you can get it for £7 at boots (Bargain!). Considering how much I use it, the quality, and the unique colour, it's defiantly not a bad price! I'm curious to try the gel version and see how it compares, and seeing the amazing range of colours and will be looking to add more colours to my collection!


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